Discover Vihiga County

Vihiga County Background

Vihiga is located on a hilly terrain in the Western Region of Kenya. The county’s population is 612,000 ( 2017) with an estimated annual growth rate of 2.51%, and an area of 563 sq. Km. Due to the high fertility rates, the county’s population increase consists of 45% children between 0-14 years old with an average household of 6 members.
Vihiga County has an alarming 62% poverty index. Even though the county is endowed with resources, there are limited measures set to address the nemesis; Poverty.

Education in Vihiga County

The government of Kenya introduced free primary education with the goal of dismantling illiteracy. Though a noble surge, it elicited unanticipated challenges. Understaffing, overcrowding in classes, poor working conditions, and inadequate funding, just to name a few.
Unfortunately, students from impoverished communities are less catered for. According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, 18% of the residents in Vihiga County have no formal education: 63% have a primary level education and 22% have a secondary school level education.
Thus, Musimbi Foundation aims to offer special attention to these kids by helping them transition, as well as supporting them with basic-level educational materials necessary to solely increase their odds of success.



Health challenges in Kenya are dominated by transmissible diseases. Some of the most common diseases include, HIV/AIDS, lower respiratory infections, tuberculosis, malaria and vaccine preventable diseases.
Lack of healthcare infrastructure at the national level impacts the service delivery in the counties. For instance, in Vihiga county, we have fewer than 4 physicians per 1000 people and many locals are discharged without proper medical attention. Shortage of medical personnel, and majority of the population living below the poverty line, prioritizing basic healthcare is a great challenge.

Our Intervention

Musimbi Foundation is partnering up with local hospitals and clinics to ensure that health challenges are being minimized to improve quality of life. We work with nurses, physicians, pharmacists and other health experts to help meet the medical needs through Musimbi Foundation Medical Mission trips. We also work with local churches and schools to ensure we can set up camp for mobile clinics to disseminate knowledge and perform physical examinations.
Our focus is to curb communicable diseases as well as suppress the rapid growth of non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer, through preventative health care models.

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